How Link Lock™ Began

The idea for Link Lock™ spawned from two lawsuits, both of which resulted in multiple fatalaties due to a trailer decoupling and coming completely detached from the vehicle.

Fred Smith, one of the owners of Link Lock™ is a mechanical engineer who has been designing and analyzing trailers for several decades. Fred is often sought out as an expert witness in court cases involving trailers.

After being retained for two separate decoupling cases involving multiple fatalities in a short timeframe, Fred decided that something needed to be done to make trailer towing safer, particularly regarding the secondary safety mechanism seeing how that should have prevented complete decoupling in both situations.

The need for a trailer chain system with length adjustment options became readily apparent as we examined hundreds of different trailers from a safety standpoint.

Not long after, the idea for the Link Lock was born. Not only is this significantly safer than any other method aside from cutting your chains to the exact vehicle you are towing with, it is the most user friendly option on the market for adjusting trailer chains. This means that your end users are happier and that the roads will be safer!

We have had Link Lock™ tested to ensure that it meets all of the applicable SAE towing standards, state laws, and federal highway regulations, unlike several other solutions that people use to connect their trailers. Click the link below to order Link Lock™ for your trailers today!